on Potential Fraud Using Zarubezhneft s Brand Name

Dear visitors of the website and partners of Zarubezhneft JSC! Please exercise caution!

You are hereby informed that fraud cases have been discovered on the part of the so called Zarubezhneft UK (United Kingdom) company that, with the fraudulent use of Zarubezhneft JSC s brand name, performes personnel recruiting. Please be informed that Zarubezhneft UK bears no relation whatsoever to the activities of Zarubezhneft JSC.In case you receive any requests on behalf of Zarubezhneft UK, we strongly recommend that you ignore any commercial proposals and avoid entering into any contractual relations with the said company.

According to Rosfinmonitoring, there are facts of fraud or of attempts of fraud against foreign companies by providing the latter with electronic commercial offers and false details for the payment of goods and services as if on behalf of large Russian enterprises. In fact, offers come from individuals who opened current accounts in Russian banks in names that have up to 100% coincidence with the names of well-known legal entities when written in English. In connection with these facts, we draw your attention to the fact that the actual bank details of Zarubezhneft JSC are published on the official website of the Company in the "Contacts" section.