With the purpose of expanding the resource base to ensure further stable growth of hydrocarbon production in the medium and long term, the strategic goal of the Company is conducting exploration activities

Block 42 is located in the oil/gas bearing basin Phu Quoc within the limits of the Gulf of Siam in 400-450 km to the West from Vung Tau.
Prospects are connected with the Paleozoic-Mesozoic complex.
Signed the first oil contract on PSA terms. In the stage of preparation is a “Cooperation agreement” between Vietsovpetro and the company PVEP (a subsidiary of Petrovietnam).

A contract for pilot works, follow-up exploration and implementation of secondary EOR methods on the Boca de Jaruco field was signed between Zarubezhneft and Cubapetroleo in 2011.
The period for the pilot works is 4 years, and for the purpose of it two sites have been nominated – layer E1 and layer M.
The drilling works in the layer E1 of the Boca de Jaruco field began on the 23-rd of August 2013.
It is planned to construct and develop pilot directional wells with the depth around 2000 meters and to complete the drilling stage in the second half of the year 2014.