Zarubezhneft JSC has established its headquarters for the prevention of the coronavirus infection ex

In order to minimize the risk of Zarubezhneft JSC employees getting infected with coronavirus the Operational headquarters chaired by the General Director Sergey Kudryashov has been operating in the company since early March. The daily gathering of information on the employees' and their family members' health, temperature measurements at the office entrance and during the working day have been arranged.
Taking into consideration the wide geographic coverage of the company's activities, its presence in the South-East Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and North Africa, the availability of well developed measures plans for the case of coronavirus infection expansion is of critical importance to decrease the risk for the health of the employees and the members of their families.
In January 2020, when the virus was far from being announced pandemic, the plans for the prevention of the coronavirus infection expansion were already being developed in the offices and key production sites of Zarubezhneft, as well as drills for the response in case of various infection expansion scenarios were being carried out. The drills took place in the Moscow offices, at the offshore platforms in Vietnam as well as at the remote facilities in the Nenets Autonomous Area in the Russian Federation.
Three actions scenarios depending on the infection expansion rate and the guidelines of the responsible state authorities have been developed by the Operational headquarters under the results of the conducted work. At the first stage, «Advanced readiness», primary preventive measures have been implemented to decrease the risk of the employees getting infected with COVID-2019:
- starting early March, when the situation in the country got worse, the visitors got prohibited from entering the Moscow office of Zarubezhneft;
- the employees of the Group of Companies got temporarily restricted in terms of business trips in Russia and abroad;
- everyone have been recommended to postpone their scheduled leaves to a later period;
- those who have recently returned from a trip abroad, notwithstanding the country they visited, are to be quarantined and work remotely;
- participation of the employees in the previously scheduled mass events, exhibitions and conferences has been canceled;
- at the production facilities every rotation workers undergoes daily inspection by the medics, as well as he is questioned regarding his places of stay before commencing the shift;
- contact surfaces disinfection schedule has been developed;
- the employees have been given significant amounts of protective masks and hand sanitizers.
At the moment the activities under the second scenario - “Active actions” (applied in case of diseased number growth in the region of the office or production site location) – are being carried out. In contemplates transfer of approximately 50% of the office personnel to remote work at home, reduction of number of meetings, transfer of events to be participated by 10 and more persons to the telephone and video conference mode, as well as allocating the personnel in such manner so that number of persons in one room is minimized. The possibility for strengthening the control over the employees' health condition at the production sites as well as extending the shift periods.
Should the situation escalate, the company already has available plans for maximum transfer of office employees to remote work from home as well as the developed scenarios for response to the infection expansion at the production sites up to the production suspension and temporary abandonment.
Apart from this, the company regularly informs the employees of the necessary precaution measures, provides the information timely and comprehensively and gives explanations and clarifications regarding the already taken or planned for taking measures for different circumstances development scenarios.
The main objective of the company at the moment is to ensure stable operation of Zarubezhneft Group of Companies and the consistency of production and business processes along with the attention to the health of our employees and the members of their families!
«At the moment there are no persons diseased with coronavirus infection at any enterprise of Zarubezhneft Group of Companies, but the response plan in case of such threat has already been developed. Should any symptoms of COVID-2019 be identified, we shall take all efforts to prevent the infection expansion: up to the suspension of production facilities» - highlights the General Director of Zarubezhneft JSC Sergey Kudryashov.