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Security hotline of Zarubezhneft JSC

Security hotline is an element of the system intended to prevent corruption, fraud and theft at the facilities of Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries.

Using the methods indicated below every employee of Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries as well as other citizens can inform of the facts causing suspicion and concern related to the possible occurrence of corruption, fraud and theft, other material violations and misconduct in Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries.

Information can be submitted by different means:

In order to protect the employees submitting information through the security hotline from formal and informal sanctions of the employer the following measures are taken:

  • The security hotline channels end only with the employees of the Corporate security department of Zarubezhneft JSC — the structural department authorized to review and verify the incoming information, carry out examination and service investigations, if needed, subordinate directly to the General Director;
  • The applicant is guaranteed objectiveness and confidentiality in review of the submitted information;
  • Anonymous applications are reviewed (at the same time, one should consider that submission of contact information contributes to the most detailed study of issues covered by the application due to the possibility of clarifying the received information as well as allows feedback);
  • Regarding the employees of Zarubezhneft JSC — the disciplinary liability measures shall be applied against the employee who has reported the acts corruption, fraud, theft or other misconduct of which he/she became aware in case he/she commits a disciplinary fault within one year after such message only upon consideration of the relevant issue at the meeting of the Corporate ethics committee in compliance with the procedure for application of disciplinary penalties established by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.